Technology Meets Comfort: Innovative Bathroom Features

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Today’s bathroom remodels encompass far more than just attractive surfaces and finishes. Homeowners increasingly want tech-forward conveniences that simplify routines, conserve resources, and promote wellbeing. From showers tailored to your preferences to responsive radiant heating, innovative products can renovate your bath into a luxurious smart sanctuary.

We connected with remodeling experts to learn about some of the most popular tech-centric bathroom features right now. Whether you’re doing a full renovation or making a few key upgrades, read on for ways modern innovations can enhance comfort, convenience, and sustainability in your home.

Personalized Smart Showers

Imagine stepping into your shower and having it automatically turn on, pre-warm to your desired temp, and begin playing your favorite audio playlist or morning news briefing. This hyper-customized experience is possible with advanced shower systems like those from Kohler, Moen, and Grohe.

“Digital interfaces allow you to preset personalized experiences for each user profile,” explains James, a Richmond contractor. With an app or touchscreen built into the wall, you can store preferences like sound, lighting, temperature, spray settings, and duration to create a tailored daily escape. Voice assistants like Alexa can also automate and adjust settings on command.

In addition to presets, most smart showers have adjustable hand-held wands and showerheads with settings like targeted jets, pulsing, and raindrop massage to customize cleanse and massage in real time. The latest innovation? Full-body spray zones for a customizable head-to-toe drench you control.

Touchless Fixtures

Touchless faucets have become increasingly popular in bathrooms for their hygienic, low-maintenance benefits. Kohler, American Standard, and Delta all offer touchless models that turn on and off with a simple hand wave.

“It’s a great option for high-traffic guest bathrooms or families with kids,” shares Glenna, a Richmond interior designer. Beyond cleanliness and convenience, touchless operation also conserves water compared to leaving a faucet running accidentally.

Some models even allow you to adjust temperature and flow with motions. Newer touchless toilets now available also self-operate, with hands-free flushing and seat opening triggered by motion sensors.

Voice Control and Automation

As smart home technology advances, homeowners are automating more bath functions using voice assistance, apps, and touch interfaces. From a relaxing pre-bedtime routine to an invigorating morning preset, you can program the entire room to accommodate routines.

“With certain Kohler models, you use voice to preset the perfect bath fill temperature and depth, dim the lights and play calming music or a guided meditation through the speakers,” says James. “It turns draw time into meaningful self care.”

Other popular automated features include baths that track time and temperature to maintain heat, showers that alert when rinse time or water exceed targets, and bath fans and heat activated by motion and humidity sensors to prevent mold.

Heated Floors and Surfaces

Nothing feels more indulgent on cold mornings than floors warmed underfoot. Radiant heated floors have become an increasingly popular bathroom upgrade. New user-friendly electric systems from Schluter and Nuheat allow for easy DIY installation under most floor surfaces.

“Heated floors used to be a luxury, but newer thin-pour products make them more accessible,” notes Glenna. In addition to warmth and comfort, radiant heat dries floors faster, reducing slip hazards.

Beyond floors, heated surfaces are expanding to items like mirrors and towel racks that prevent fogging, water pooling, and cool down between uses. Warm toilet seats are another popular comfort choice.

Built-In Entertainment

With waterproofing advances, seamlessly incorporating amenities like TVs, Bluetooth mirrors, and wireless audio systems directly into your bathroom design is easier than ever.

“People want to design their bathroom as an inviting retreat to start and end the day,” shares Glenna. “Built-in entertainment makes it a true private sanctuary.”

For music, look for moisture-sealed in-wall speakers or acoustic tile. To enjoy news, TV shows or virtual workouts during bath routines, install a waterproof mirror monitor or splashproof TV. Some products come ready for integration, while custom AV specialists can build options into your remodel.

Smart Toilets

High-tech smart toilets now offer everything from heated seats and bidet cleansing to built-in LED nightlights and deodorizing fans. Popular options from brands like Toto and Kohler include models featuring:

– Touchless flushing

– Motorized lid opening and closing

– Adjustable temperature heated seats

– Warm water cleansing and air drying

– Automatic bowl sanitizing UV light

– Occupancy sensors that raise and close the lid

“For a splurge, all these auto features provide the ultimate in comfort and hygiene,” says James. Many also conserve water and energy.

High-Tech Health and Wellness

Some of the latest integrative health offerings for bathrooms include:

– Chromatherapy lighting to set desired moods

– Far infrared radiant heat for sore muscles

– Air and water purification systems

– aromatherapy diffusers

– Sound therapy speakers

– Touchscreen mirrors for wellness apps

“It’s all about creating a therapeutic environment to support self care,” explains Glenna. And products only continue advancing. Just ensure your electrical system can support added tech integration before your remodel.

Ready to turn bath time into a fully customized wellness escape? With today’s innovations, it’s easier than ever. Discuss your vision with designers and integrators. Any combination of smart features can transform your bathroom into a spa-inspired retreat.

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