Transforming Spaces: Top Bathroom Remodel Trends in Richmond, Virginia

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Whether you’re embarking on a full renovation or looking for small updates to refresh your space, the bathroom is one of the most rewarding rooms to reimagine. It’s a space that gets frequent use, so changes here can really improve your everyday quality of life. If you live in Richmond and have been dreaming up a bathroom remodel, you’re not alone. We connected with local designers to get the inside scoop on some of the most popular trends and tips transforming Richmond bathrooms today. Read on for inspiration to make the most of your space.

A Seamless Blend of Old and New

Richmond has no shortage of historic homes graced with beautiful original architectural details. When remodeling an older bathroom, many homeowners are looking to preserve and restore key features while integrating modern conveniences. “We aim to maintain the home’s original charm through considered details that blend old and new,” shares Allison with Mountain View Design, a Richmond-based interior design firm. She recommends starting with the aspects of your bathroom worth preserving, like clawfoot tubs, hexagon tile floors, or decorative millwork. Then, build your design around those cherished existing pieces. For example, you might pair a restored antique tub with new brass fixtures and sconce lighting. Or complement original tile floors with fresh paint colors and a classic pedestal sink. The key is continuing the home’s story through intentional choices.

 “It’s about balance,” says Allison. “Blending beloved originals with tailored updates tailored to suit today’s needs.”

A Focus on Natural Materials

When selecting finishes, fixtures, and accents in a Richmond bathroom remodel, natural textures are in high demand. Organic materials like wood, stone, linen, and rattan help create a peaceful, spa-like retreat.

“We’re seeing lots of requests for wooden vanities paired with marble or quartzite countertops,” shares James, founder of Slate Design Co. in Richmond.

 “These natural pairings feel timeless and bring warmth to the space.”

For stone surfaces, neutral hues like white Carrara marble or soothing gray limestone are popular picks.

 These calming backdrops allow you to layer in touches of color through accents and accessories.

In addition to vanities, wood floors are on the rise for bathrooms, notes Alicia with Palette Designs.

 Wide-plank white oak or dark walnut evoke a cozy, lived-in style.

 “Wood flooring can work in any size bathroom,” Alicia explains.

 “Just be sure to use tongue and groove planks for moisture resistance, and add area rugs for comfort and visual interest.”

A Soothing Color Palette

What colors are Richmond homeowners choosing for their bathroom renovations in 2022?

 Soft, easygoing hues that promote relaxation.

 “We’re seeing lots of requests for blue and green palettes,” shares James.

 “These colors reflect the natural surroundings of Richmond and provide a gentle ambiance.”

Within the blue family, look for muted shades like powder blue, icy blue, or coastal blue on walls or cabinetry for an airy, spa-like feel.

 Pair with warm brass accents and natural textures for balance.

For greens, Alicia recommends seeking out tranquil tones like sage, mint, or sea glass that complement classic white tile and fixtures.

 Whether you opt for all-over color or just paint an accent wall, a light splash of aqua or green can freshen up your space.

Beyond cooler hues, earthy neutrals like beige, tan, and brown offer another soothing option, especially when paired with textures like rattan, linen, jute, or wood.

 “Warm neutrals feel comforting and timeless,” says Allison.

 “We love incorporating these tones through natural materials like bamboo shades, linen shower curtains, and ceramic accessories.”

Vintage-Inspired Fixtures

When selecting plumbing fixtures and lighting, Richmond homeowners are often choosing pieces that reference the past with modern functionality.

“Vintage-style fixtures with simple silhouettes and exposed pipes are very popular,” shares James.

 “These nod to the early 1900s but offer conveniences like hand-held showerheads and updated materials.”

For lighting, Allison recommends sconces flanking the vanity.

 “Spaced properly on each side, sconces provide ideal lighting for tasks like applying makeup.

 Decorative pendants over the tub area help set a relaxing ambiance.”

To complement traditional spaces, Alicia suggests leaning into classic finishes like polished nickel, rubbed bronze, or brushed brass when choosing fixtures.

 Alicia points out that going for a tub that’s either mounted to the wall or stands alone can really clear up your view, making it a sweet match for houses with unique personalities.

Spa-Inspired Touches

To complete your Richmond bathroom oasis, consider special touches that enhance the spa experience and promote wellness.

 For example:

Built-in bench seating for relaxingcandle ledges or alcoves to sets a soothing mood

Towel warmers to add a touch of luxury

Unlacquered brass finishes for antimicrobial benefits

Ample plants and greenery to connect with nature

Soft lighting on dimmers to customize the ambiance

Minimal clutter and coordinating storage to promote tranquility

“It’s the thoughtful details that take a space from nice to wow,” says Alicia.

 “Lighting, accessories, specific finishes—these thoughtful choices make all the difference in creating a truly rejuvenating retreat.”

Ready to begin your Richmond bathroom remodel?

 Meet with a professional to assess your existing space, then refer to these tips when mapping out your vision.

 Focus on blending old with new through natural materials, easygoing hues, and vintage-inspired character.

 Incorporate elements that not only boost your comfort but also support a healthier lifestyle.

 Design a space that’s all about kicking back, refreshing your mind, and relishing the stillness.

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