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Revitalize Your Home's Exterior with New Siding

Over time, wear and tear from weather, pests, and everyday bumps chip away at exterior siding, leaving homes looking tired and vulnerable.

Thankfully, replacing failing walls with fresh siding restores personality and protection to properties beautifully.

Benefits of New Siding

Energy Efficiency: Updated materials like insulated composites and engineered wood improve insulation dramatically, lowering energy costs. Precision fittings also eliminate draft entry points.

Moisture Protection: Where aging siding leaks precipitation causing structural issues, new water-resistant barriers block bulk moisture and humidity from invading while allowing walls to “breathe” appropriately.

Pest Resistance: Cedar, composite, metal, and masonry siding deter insect nested decay and damage more reliably than original woods traditionally prone to pest vulnerabilities over decades.

Soiled Surface Renewal: Faded old siding regains rich coloration reviving curb appeal. Never painting again saves homeowners cumulative investments over time.

Customizable Aesthetics: From historic profiles matching existing architecture to introducing contemporary accents upgrading entire aesthetics, choices suit individual style needs uniquely.

Popular New Siding Options

Vinyl: Affordable, low maintenance, insulation, custom profiles/colors

As one of the most popular residential siding options, vinyl combines affordability with resilience and low maintenance needs.

Insulated vinyl panels lock in heat during colder weather while reflecting sun rays to keep interiors cooler in summer.

With molded textures and over 30 color options, vinyl replicates woodgrain and paint looks convincingly while resisting moisture deterioration and damage beautifully over decades.

Fiber Cement: Wood appearance, fire/pest/rot resistance

For homeowners wanting the elegant look of wood minus inherent swelling and pest vulnerabilities, fiber cement siding offers durable, sturdy performance rivalling hardy boards traditionally yet resisting cracking, rotting and flammable risks wood battles losing eventually.

With textured wood-mimicking finishes and concealed fastener options, fiber cement siding installations restore classic lapboard architectural detail longterm affordably with none of the cracking headaches real wood brings unavoidably.

Engineered Wood: Realistic wood look resists warping/cracking

Combining durable wood fibers bonded with polymers create resilient engineered boards restoring beloved original lapboard aesthetics on homes without requiring repetitive painting perpetually.

Precision formed engineered wood planks install easily with tightly fitted tongue and groove connections preventing moisture permeations and heat transfers from compromising stability longterm.

With care, engineered wood siding remains maintenance-free 30+ years dependably.

Composite: Insulating, resilient material mixes for durability

Blending recycled polymers and wood fibers makes composite siding environments tolerant across climates and seasons excellently.

Unlike natural woods expanding and contracting through extreme weather shifts damagingly composite materials maintain integrity beautifully resisting moisture absorption and heat degradation gracefully.

Grooved planks offer authentic wood looks minus costly upkeeping issues over decades.

Metal: Bold contemporary visuals, environmentally stable

While steel and aluminum sidings secure commercial structures prominently, residential spaces welcome metal materials increasingly for bold contemporary aesthetics, amplified weather defiance, sustainable manufacturing practices, and durable, low maintenance lifecycles lasting generations stunningly.

With dozens of metallic color finishes available, metal siding introduces Machine Age character to new builds equally as post-modern renovations differ dramatically.

Stone Veneer: Lightweight nature stone aesthetics adds richness

Without demanding heavy quarry stone installations risking structural soundness on walls, lightweight faux stone veneers replicate gorgeous natural aesthetics wonderfully at fractions weight comparatively.

Easy installations adhere manufactured ledgestone-look panels to surfaces seamlessly while concentrated grout structuring prevents buckling longterm.

With slimmer profile options now available stones lend organic textures delicately without overpowering spaces visually overall.

Installation Time and Costs

Project expenses vary based on square footage, special structural needs, materials selected and additional trim repairs/replacement typically recommended when removing old surfaces.

Single story mostly intact facade upgrades estimate around $8-12K over 4-7 days including all materials/customizations and labor performed professionally mitigating risks and tacking involved.

We provide detailed quotes aligning unique scope needs transparently.

Give your home’s exterior a facelift with fresh siding addressing aging issues beautifully while customizing aesthetics for decades to come!

Contact us today for professional installation options and early project estimates discussing modernization visions further soon.

What Should Homeowners Look For In A Siding Contractor in Richmond, VA?

Each siding contractor in RIchmond, VA has its own style of working with their clients. Before you get on a call and book a consultation, you need to be mindful of these important points:

Do a quick research about the contractor

Word-of-mouth recommendations are so effective that most people wouldn’t take the time to research about the contractor. But before anything else, make sure you research about the Richmond, VA siding contractor you plan to work with. Learn more about their services, company background, and the previous projects.

Make sure they are licensed

Don’t let anyone touch your property without confirming if they have the necessary licenses or permits to do the job. Make sure that they are allowed to work in your area, and that they are well-trained to work on your sidings safely.

Get an initial quote and discuss payment plans

Before starting your home or commercial project, make sure your siding contractors in Chesterfield, VA or Richmond have given you a written cost estimate, which includes fees for labor, materials, taxes, and the like. This ensures that there are no hidden charges once the siding project is done.

Find out what other people say about them

Online reviews will always be part of a business. It may even be considered as free advertising. A study found that 97% of consumers refer to online reviews when researching a local service or product. Meanwhile, another survey suggested that 91% of consumers aged 18 to 34 trust online reviews as much as recommendations from their friends or family. 

Reviews are personal experiences of the people who have worked with siding contractors in the past. Reading about what people say about these companies will give you a general idea if it’s worth partnering with a contractor or not.

Research about the team’s work experience

For added peace of mind, you can talk to the siding contractor and ask about the team’s work experience. Have they handled any similar project before? Was the company commended for doing an outstanding job in your area? Did they receive any qualifications or awards in the past? Asking these questions will help determine if the Richmond siding contractors you will be working with won’t rip you off and only do the bare minimum.

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Hire Our Professional Team Today

At Richmond General Contractors, we don’t do the bare minimum; instead, we go above and beyond what you’re expecting from us. We treat you as part of our family. You have your own team of residential or commercial siding experts who will put into consideration your precious timeline, budget, and vision. 

That means, we won’t keep you in the dark! You will always be involved throughout the siding process, and we expect you to give us your most honest feedback.

Need to schedule a siding contractor now but you’re not in Richmond?

Need our expertise somewhere else? We at Richmond General Contractors also offer housing siding in Chesterfield, VA so you won’t have a hard time looking for an expert. 

What if you’re not in Richmond or Chesterfield? No problem! We provide specialized house siding in Glen Allen, VA. Tell us your plans, and we’ll handle the rest!

Get a quote today! Contact us at 804-587-5221 to get a free quote, or fill out the form above.

The Leading Siding Contractors in Richmond, VA

Siding in Richmond, VA has grown in demand as homeowners plan to upgrade their property. However, most people are unaware that replacing the siding of a house involves a huge investment of time and money, and it takes a good siding contractor to transform the overall look of your house from good to great.

What do Richmond siding contractors do anyway, and why is it important for homeowners to be selective about the residential siding companies they will be working with in Richmond, VA?

Siding companies in Richmond, VA are the ones you call when installing, repairing o,r maintaining your home or commercial unit’s siding materials. They are experts in upgrading your existing sidings or replacing sidings that have already worn off.

On top of these services, Richmond, VA siding contractors also perform site inspections and consultation, allowing you to get a sample quotation or cost estimate for your siding project.

If you’re considering to work with siding contractors, here are the services available to you:

  • Choose various house siding colors to elevate the look-and-feel of your home. You can also opt for various shades of blue siding or any other color
  • Get specialized Richmond, VA vinyl siding installation and other siding materials such as fiber cement, aluminum, and stucco
  • Home siding replacement in Richmond
  • Call a contractor for immediate siding repairs in Richmond, VA to prevent further damage to your property
  • Book expertly done siding installations in Richmond

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