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Caring for New Vinyl or Composite Siding Year After Year: Easy Annual Maintenance Tips

As beautiful as new vinyl or engineered wood composite siding looks the day it’s perfectly installed on Richmond homes, what good is upgrading curb appeal if that alluring appearance rapidly deteriorates from improper upkeep?

With proper care second nature though, pristine facades last decades without needing full overhauls down the road.

Let’s explore key maintenance tips ensuring vinyl and popular composite siding alternatives like Hardie board withstand the elements year after year while avoiding unnecessary replacement costs before homeowners expect.

Think preventative checkups and cleaning – just like going to the doctor and dentist routinely for optimal health.


While premium vinyl polymers resist swelling and extreme hot/cold shifts that warp cheaper plastics, plus feature color additives limiting fade severity from sun exposure, seasonal transitions still tax materials in ways needing attention before deterioration gained footholds turn major.


– Hot Summers – Surface bleaching accelerates on south/west facing walls taking afternoon sun abuse without tree shade help.

Mitigate effects with light power washing annually removing oxidation.

– Humid environments – Moisture ratios over 50% prompts mildew and mold blooms in corner crevices and underneath eaves with poor airflow.

Quickly kill with white vinegar or diluted bleach cleaning.

– Winter freeze cycles – Unlike wood that swells and contracts dramatically between interior and exterior temperatures through seasons, plastic composites expand/shrink marginally but still requires caulking cracks annually.

– Heavy rains – Vinyl relies on overlapping slip joints allowing downward runoff without seeping behind.

But debris builds up slowing drainage over time.

Ensure weep holes and lines stay open.

– High winds – Gusts heavy enough lift shingles or shift gutters can also slightly loosen siding nails, screw points and hidden clips over years.

Do walk around inspection for any boards bowed out.


Beyond battling gradual environmental degradation factors noted above, vinyl and alternate siding also needs proper diluted cleaning agent formulas suitable for each material’s chemical sensitivities to avoid pitting or discoloration over use.

See what solutions pair best for home care scenarios like:

– Mold removal – Mix 1 cup bleach + 1 gallon water wiping gently then rinsing residue avoiding daytime sun that rapidly dries solution too fast before it kills all spores in shaded crevices.

– Mildew/algae elimination – Purchase maintenance strength versions of commercial cleaners like Wet & Forget or JOMAX catered for exterior use rather than DIY concoctions too harsh for frequent application.

– Bird droppings/tree sap erasure – Lengthy bonding with siding looks permanently damaging but gentle enzyme based solvents like Krud Kutter designed for grimy messes cut through gunk without abrasion damage when rinsed timely.

– Dust/dirt accumulation – Rather than harsh bristle brushes unfit for finishes brushing can scratch or chemicals hot water wash strength fades over repeated use, trust a soft microfiber mop to lift most dry particulate buildup.


Getting ahead of recurring exterior stains and spoilage means strategically preventing their root causes well before surfaces show signs of attack.

We recommend homeowners try:

– Installing gutter helmet rain diverters so overflow doesn’t splash siding with muddy water.

Make sure downspouts flow far away from home perimeter as well.

– Applying specialty UV reflective coating like Kynar specifically formulated to repel solar radiation for vinyl while strengthening resistance to extreme heat/cold shifts causing normal polymer breakdown over longer terms.

– Planting foliage like tall bushes or vines strategically to add shading on especially abused sections taking daily sun abuse if permanent shading awnings or louvers prove too invasive an architectural addition.

– Trimming back nearby tree limbs avoiding blown plant debris from sticking to siding around storms rather than assuming harmless tiny branches don’t pose fallout risks.

Prevent where possible.


For homeowners too busy to keep up with advised preventative walk around assessments or needing experienced diagnostics should anything feel potentially alarming like soft spongy sections, detached corners away from structure or abnormal color inconsistencies possibly signaling subsurface issues, don’t hesitate booking technicians for evaluation.

During visits, comprehensive inspection checklist considerations include:

– Plumb straightness assessing expansion/contraction subtle buckling

– Latent moisture damage not visible on surface yet

– Wind tunneling spots prone to sucking siding outward over time

– Pest entry points like tiny holes needing sealant

– Landscape drainage deficiencies making important directing adjustments before further siding risks

Often minor tuning and upgrades stemming from such check-in analysis eliminates exponentially costly fixes 5-10 years later had issues spiraled out of control.

Think responsible home wellness management.

Trust Only the Best Installing & Maintaining Your Investment

As Richmond exterior refresh season arrives yet again, homeowners aiming to balance cost feasibility, weather protection and long term durability goals choose vinyl or wood composite siding options as smart modern solutions checking all boxes.

Just be certain installation and follow up maintenance relies on competent professionals focused on extending material lifecycles to the maximum.

Here at Richmond General Contractors, we take immense pride delivering peace of mind from start to finish by:

– Only utilizing the highest caliber materials vetted for quality assurance across decades of proven performance

– Meticulously integrating surrounding moisture barriers and ventilation safeguards during initial construction

– Making maintenance walkthroughs effortless, tagging any potential red flags early before major issues form

– Educating clients on best practices defending exteriors against preventable climate and aging damage

Trust in our decades of regional construction expertise.

Call today at (804) 587-5221 to begin your hassle-free siding journey!

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