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It’s Easy to Spot the Signs It’s Time for New Siding

If you’ve lived in your Richmond home for several years, you may start asking yourself questions like:

– Is my siding looking worn?
– Are there parts that look warped or damaged?
– Is my home losing efficiency and allowing in drafts?

Don’t feel bad – it’s completely normal to start having concerns like this 5, 10, or 15 years down the road with your existing siding. Materials weather, systems age, and problems can develop no matter how nice the original installation looked.

But when is it time to take action?

In this article, our team of Richmond siding specialists will walk you through the tell-tale signs that your home needs new siding and provide actionable tips for making the best decision for your house. Whether vinyl, wood, metal or other materials, we want to help you protect your most valuable investment.

Subtle Signals Your Richmond Home Needs New Siding

Many homeowners realize they need to replace their exterior siding because of an obvious issue like:

– Visible cracks, holes, or rotting wood
– Sections that become detached or loose
– Discoloration that pressure washing can’t fix
– Constant drafts into the home

However, there are a few other subtle signs that signal your siding has seen better days long before it starts truly falling apart:

1. Faded color

Have you noticed the color of your vinyl, wood, or other siding looking extra faded? If so, this is one of the earliest warning signs to investigate further. Depending on the direction your home faces, location, and amount of direct sun exposure, expect noticeable color fading in 5-8 years.

While the UV protection in quality siding should still keep the material itself strong much longer, that faded color makes it easy for additional wear-and-tear to sneak up on you. Think of it like sunscreen – reapply a fresh coat regularly!

2. Chalky residue

Another early signal relates to your home’s siding feeling slightly “chalky” or leaving residue on your hands if you touch it in certain spots. This again relates to sun damage and breakdown of protective coatings before materials below get compromised. But it still deserves attention before letting things advance too far.

3. Mold, mildew, or algae

Even if you don’t live in a damp climate, homes anywhere from Richmond to Roanoke can fall victim to surface mold, mildew or green/black algae accumulating in patches. When this biological gunk appears and persists on siding, especially the moist north and side facings, contamination will only spread if not addressed.

4. Pests & insects

Another issue our team sees often involves subtle exterior damage from local Richmond pests like carpenter bees, termites, ants doing the following:

– Chewing tiny entry holes
– Nesting in crevices
– Tunneling undermaterials

Left unchecked for years, such invaders can critically compromise structure. So if you notice any unusual holes or trails near wood, vinyl or metal sections, take action.

5. Warping or loose sections

Perhaps one fall or winter you notice that a board, panel or piece of siding looks slightly out-of-alignment or warped. While not detached yet, expansion and contraction of materials may start creating weaknesses that allow moisture, pests, and eventually major issues to take hold behind the scenes.

So if anything starts protruding, drooping or loosening up beyond normal levels, consider that a red flag even if damage isn’t visible yet underneath.

When to Call the Richmond Siding Experts

Once you’ve started noticing early signals like color fading or mold growth, how long should you wait before taking action or calling companies for replacement siding estimates? We always recommend reaching out for professional input as soon as the thought first crosses your mind.

Why? Because unlike interior walls and surfaces, exterior siding plays a critical role keeping the structural integrity and envelope of your entire home intact. Ignoring subtle signals for years can lead to wood rot underneath, insulation getting compromised, electrical issues, pest infiltration into your home, not to mention exponentially higher replacement costs down the road.

So if your Richmond home is 5+ years old, take a careful look and get ahead of issues before they escalate. Reach out to our team for a custom analysis tailored to catch problems specific to your situation early. We want to help restore your home’s outer beauty and prevent major headaches!

What Factors Accelerate Siding Aging & Damage?

While some siding materials naturally last longer than others if installed correctly, there are a few major factors that dramatically accelerate exterior wear-and-tear:

1. Sun exposure – Particularly on west or south-facing walls with minimal shade protection, UV rays have a fading and degrading effect.

2. Weather shifts – Large temperature swings from Richmond seasons expanding/contracting materials leads to warping, cracks and openings over time. Also, ice dams in winter and heavy winds introduce stresses.

3. Moisture – From rainy weather and improper drainage to landscaping sprinklers soaking siding, unwanted moisture getting trapped behind the exterior causes all types of long term damage. Prevent this at all costs.

4. Poor initial install – Even the best siding won’t perform as intended if surrounding accessories like flashing, trim boards, caulking aren’t thoroughly sealed during the original exterior construction.

5. Chemical corrosion – Haushold cleaners, chlorine, fertilizers and other substances introduce molecular changes weakening protective barriers sooner than expected. Always stick to mild, compatible cleaning products.

Take Inventory of Your Home’s Unique Risk Factors

While many overarching principles guide knowing when to replace failing siding, your home’s unique characteristics also raise or reduce related risks. Before deciding which route to take, perform an inventory addressing factors like:

– Age of existing siding
– Type(s) of materials used
– Amount of shade/sun exposure
– Pitch of roof and windows prone to ice dams
– Tree coverage dropping leaves/debris
– Areas exposed to lawn sprinklers
– Ventilation quality in enclosed eaves
– Past storm, wind or hail damage

Connecting these clues will help our team diagnose issues specific to your situation and property. We can then explore solutions that best remedy current problems and prevent their repeat moving forward.

Reach Out to Richmond’s Top Siding Specialists

While subtle signs of aging may not seem urgent at first, waiting too long comes with consequences. Moisture infiltrating the home’s structure or pests threatening stability deserves immediate attention.

Our Richmond siding replacement team stands by ready to help address issues proactively at first sight – whether needing full wall replacement or more minor repairs. We aim to keep your home beautiful, energy efficient and structural sound for decades to come.

To request a custom siding inspection and estimate for your Richmond home, reach out to our office today online or call (804) 587-5221. We look forward to helping ensure your home’s exterior withstands the effects of time.

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